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More Freedom to You: Become an On-Demand Home Services Partner

Ever since the pandemic hit the news, the world has changed radically! From the way we live to how we conduct our businesses, COVID-19 has changed everything forever.If you are a service provider such as a handyman, electrician, beautician, HVAC provider, or plumber, finding new clients can become a problem. It is difficult when homeowners are reluctant to visit a storefront due to the fear of COVID, and you do not possess the budget to market your services and reach out to them. 

If you are a service provider, you need to adopt innovative ways to reach more clients and build a large clientele. A way to achieve the goal is to use online marketplaces, such as MySquard, that provide a virtual connection between service providers and homeowners/businesses.

What is an On-Demand Home Service Platform?

On-demand home services allow businesses and homeowners to choose and hire services from the comfort and safety of their homes. They provide a virtual space to connect with verified service providers who can undertake minor maintenance work and general upkeep. 

Modern on-demand service platforms go beyond the traditional services of a handyman. Nowadays, you can use a mobile app for multiple services: beauty, spa, and wellness, home repair, appliance repair, etc. 

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Why join an On-Demand Service Delivery Platform to provide your Services?

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us that we need to evolve our business constantly to stay in the game. If customers cannot visit your store/place of business, you need to be where they are. And, being online is the best way to connect to your prospective clients. 


  • Avoid Marketing Expenses Building a website, maintaining it, and spending money on and marketing it can become an expensive affair, especially if you are starting your business. Adding to it, building a social media presence and responding to client feedback can take valuable time out of your schedule.Instead of doing all the work, you can register yourself as a service partner with an online on-demand home services platform. It will spare you from marketing your services, and you will enjoy working with reduced overheads.
  • Reach More Customers 
Nowadays, more and more people use online apps to access a wide range of services. Gone are the days when people looked for repair services in the phone book or business directory listing. It makes sense that your business exists where your customers are.   Become a service partner with an on-demand service platform and reach prospective clients looking for services. It will enable you to grow your business and seek more clients. In today’s world, where running a business is becoming more uncertain than ever, it will benefit you to have a large clientele base. 
  • Enjoy More Freedom
    In the past, when you have had limited access to clients, you had no choice but to accept whatever bookings you received. You may have had to compromise working hours, wages/fees, and even the location. But, by partnering with an online on-demand home services company, you have the freedom to work from anywhere. If you decide to move to a different area, city, or state, you will be able to continue your work without interruption. 
    You will earn higher wages and enjoy more clarity as the company will specify the charges upfront. Also, you will receive the money in the form of cash or weekly deposits, according to your convenience.
  • How to Get Started as an Individual Service Partner?

    It is easy to enroll yourself as a partner with an online home services delivery platform, for example, MySquard. You will have to meet the eligibility criteria of the company, which often includes:

    • A minimum age requirement to work in your location.
    • A minimum experience of one year on the job.
    • Proof of Business License, if applicable. 
    • Valid Driver’s License or any other ID.
    • General Liability Insurance, if applicable.

    The company will conduct a thorough background check and verify your documents before beginning the onboarding procedure. Once you receive a confirmation from the company, you will connect with clients and receive bookings instantly.

MySquard is the best on-demand services app available today. Become an individual home service provider to enjoy more financial freedom.


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