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Television Repair & Installation: 6 Common Problems with Flat Screens

For TV service installation and repair, you’ll quickly find yourself lost in jargon and a flurry of technical speech. It can also be difficult to keep track of all the different regulations that apply to television repair and installation of smart TVs and flat screens.

Now, it may be tempting to fix your smart TV on your own, but you will likely end up spending a lot of money on it if things go wrong, and that’s why it pays to do some solid research beforehand.

We have made your research easier with this guide about 6 common problems and their solutions for a smart TV so you can make the best decision yourself, even if it is for TV installation or repair later!

1.      Blank Screen

There may be occasions when you turn on the TV but the screen remains black. This could be due to a number of reasons, such as a bad cable connection, a dead or malfunctioning TV, or a problem with the TV itself.

In most cases, power supply issues happen when sudden surges of electricity damage components in your TV, such as capacitors. The fix is fairly simple and only requires replacing the damaged components. A technician can easily complete this task. If you don’t have any skills in repairing electronic devices, you’re better off searching ‘TV repair near me at home’.

2.      Pixelation

When you watch content on your TV, you may sometimes experience pixelation. This is a problem with the image that is being displayed, caused by the way it is being delivered to your TV. The problem with this communication is that it is based on a weak signal.

If you’re watching TV over a satellite or cable connection, there may be problems between the TV station and the broadcast venue. Unfortunately, there are no specific steps you can take to deal with this problem. You could try lowering the sharpness, but the problem is still with the broadcast.

3.   Faulty Resolution or Size

If your TV is not displaying HD content properly, there are two issues to look out for. If the TV is new and the screen looks bright and colourful but has washed out detail, there’s a good

chance the TV is set to bright mode. Retailers use vivid mode to attract customers from a distance.

There is a straightforward solution to this problem. To use your TV for gaming, you’ll need to adjust the picture settings to Movie/Cinema or Game. The second issue with the video is that it is from an unknown source. If you want to watch something in 4k resolution, your video source must be at least HDMI 2.0 in order to handle the resolution size.

4.     No Sound Output

It’s a common occurrence for flat screen TVs to stop producing sound output. Here are a few troubleshooting tips to make it work again.

  • Turn off your TV by unplugging it from the power outlet and holding the power button for ten seconds.
  • Plug in the TV and press the power button once.
  • Wait a minute, then test the TV again. Check for problems with other sound outputs.

If you are having trouble with your TV, try plugging it into other speakers to see if that resolves the issue. If there is sound, there is a problem with the TV speakers.

But if there is no sound with external speakers, then the problem is most likely related to the TV’s audio chip. In order to have this component replaced, you will need the assistance of a technician so either call ‘TV repair near me’ at home or search and visit ‘TV repair shop near me’ for expert help.

5.   No Wi-Fi Connection

One of the most common issues with TVs today is not being able to connect to Wi-Fi. Regardless of the brand, there is a chance that a Wi-Fi issue may arise, but it is not a defect.

If the TV cannot access the web, there may be problems with the router or the network. Are the TV and Wi-Fi router close to each other? TV placement is important to get the best possible picture quality. If there are no issues on your internet service provider’s side, you may need to check if your router’s firmware is up to date. If there are pending updates, install them.

You can also contact a TV installation service to help you with the setup and let the experts ensure that your system is functioning in the best way possible after pointing out the problem.

6.    Out of Sync Audio and Video

There are cases where the video and audio are not playing in sync, which can be annoying, but luckily the solution here is quite simple. To change the audio settings on your TV, open the “Audio” menu. Adjust the audio delay until it matches the video. After you adjust the affected video, you may want to check other videos to see if they are affected by the adjustments so you can get the best settings. If you’re setting up a new TV it’s better to ask your Amazon TV mounting service providers or any other installers to help you with initial settings to make good use of your TV installation cost.

Hire the Experts for ‘TV Repair and Installation Near Me’

These common problems are related to minor errors and simple troubleshooting. However, a Smart TV can be more complex to repair with major issues in its video, audio, or other hardware components.

If none of these problems fit your case, it’s a sign to call the experts. So if you’re searching for ‘TV installation service near me’ or ‘TV repair near me at home’ instead, don’t worry because you’ve landed at the right page!

You can find tested, trusted, and true TV installation and repair services with MySquard at the convenience of a single touch. The platform connects you to hundreds of mobile household services with the best technicians in town, so find your affordable TV service installation and repair here!


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