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The Top 10 Trending On Demand Beauty Services to Book at Home in 2022


You no longer have to go to the hair salon for services in the DMV. Now you can enjoy the convenience of the best on demand beauty services at home in Washington, D.C. Keep up with all your appointments through one, simple mobile app wherever you are, at any time. You can schedule, book, and pay for appointments all in one place, all at home or before leaving work. If you are traveling, you can have the service come to you, no matter where you are located.

Professional beauty at home 

It’s so easy.

Get a complete makeover. Have your hair, nails, eyelashes, and makeup done professionally without even leaving your home. Just like other on demand services such as meal delivery and ride-sharing, you can order any professional service now through one single app.

Are you juggling tasks taking care of kids and cannot leave the house? Maybe running out of time to prepare for a big event? Work at home  and want a lunchtime facial or after work massage? There is a solution, and it is on demand beauty services.

How do on demand beauty services work, you ask? 

Click click and done. Book all your home beauty service appointments in one app with only a few clicks. And hire service professionals to complete all of the services in your home. Wherever you are and whatever service you need, a mobile professional will show up at your doorstep.

Gone are the days of calling around to places, scheduling appointments weeks in advance, driving to businesses, or struggling to hire a babysitter just to get your haircut. Save time and enjoy the convenience of an app for beauty services at home.

Not only are the services convenient, but they are professional and trustworthy. Only the most professional and ambitious providers are hired. Service providers go through background checks, and companies make sure they have the necessary licenses.

With the MySquard app, there are built-in safety features. For example, you can see when the service provider is traveling to you and track their location in real time, just like with Uber or Lyft. When they arrive, the app has a built-in feature where you provide a one time password so you know it is the right person you are welcoming into your home.

Let’s take a closer look at the range of services you can enjoy on demand.

1. Massages

How often do you get massages? How often do you want to get massages? What about massage at home? If time or distance are keeping you, or if you simply want to enjoy some time at home to relax, you can try mobile massages. They come to you, bed and all. Massage therapists will turn your home into a spa oasis and give you the relaxation you need after a long day or week. Did someone say home spa?

2. Haircuts

Looking for a haircut at home near you? And I’m not talking about your parents cutting your hair as a kid. Or maybe during the pandemic, you had a friend cut your hair. With the growing popularity of on demand hair services, now is the time to try it with the professionals. Many hair stylists providing braiding and loc services can travel to your home. Relax while you’re having installs. You can also book a fancy updo before that special occasion. Whatever style you prefer, they can do it.

3. Haircolor

Many providers in the area offer hair color services at home. Hair coloring can take a while to process. Instead of waiting at the salon scrolling on your phone for the color to set, why not wait in the comfort of your own home? You could be spending time with the rest of your family and kids or relaxing and watching a movie.

4. Facials 

For an hour or two, hire an esthetician turn your living room into a home spa. Enjoy the luxury and convenience of home spa services. They bring the ambiance, the smells and sounds, and all of the products they need to pamper your skin. Refresh your face and get that glow at home. Your beautiful skin will thank you!

5. Makeup

When you need your makeup done before a special date, big event, or wedding, hire a makeup artist to come to your home or wherever you are located. They will give you a complete makeover to take your glam to the next level. Have your nails done at the same time!

6. Eyelashes

These days, eyelashes are on trend. Go big or go home. Or have them done at home! However you prefer your lashes, experts can come to you to give you give your eyes that glamorous lift and keep up with maintenance.

7. Eyebrows

Trimming, tweezing, threading, waxing, tinting, and microblading. There are so many options for your brows. No matter how you prefer your eyebrows groomed, there are technicians willing to travel to you. For a quick eyebrow touch up, there is no need to waste time driving.

8. Manicures

However you prefer your nails done, whether with polish, gel, or powder dip, you can book an appointment at home with an expert without lifting a finger. Having beautiful nails has never been easier. If you want to have a nail party with your friends or host a special event, why not hire nail technicians to give everyone a fresh manicure?

9. Pedicures

The same goes for your toes. Get them scrubbed and polished right at home. Choose from a variety of options for added relaxation and the ultimate spa experience so when you get home from work, you can really put your feet up.

10. Waxing

No need to try messy at-home waxing kits anymore. You can now book an appointment for waxing services at home for a waxing technician to come directly to you. Enjoy your waxing service in the comfort of your home. They bring everything they need to help you stay well-groomed and save time.


Apps for on demand beauty services are popular right now, and for good reason. Enjoy the flexibility, time, and convenience of on demand beauty salons in the DMV. There are many options of services and providers to fit your busy schedule and style preferences. Even if you are going places, on demand beauty is not going anywhere.

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