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Why Hire a Professional Dog Walker and Pet Sitter 

If you own a dog, you are aware of all the duties that come with having one as a pet. Every dog needs to be regularly fed, housebroken, and of course, walked. Particularly for first-time dog owners, these responsibilities often feel onerous. You don’t have to finish these duties wholly on your own, though. Your life might be greatly simplified by hiring a professional dog walker, especially if your schedule is hectic at work or in your personal life. Here are some noteworthy advantages of hiring a pro dog walker.

Why should you hire a trained dog walker or pet sitter?

Both you and your pets might benefit greatly from hiring a pet care provider. And if your pets are anything like ours, they are used to a certain way of life that includes lots of love, frequent walks, and regular mealtimes. Knowing that your cherished little furry child is secure and happy while you work or unwind on vacation, having a reliable pet care provider helps you feel more at ease.

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Did you know that in order to live long, healthy, and happy lives, dogs and cats require regular and consistent exercise? Over the course of their lifespan, many pets will develop certain health issues that could be easily avoided or mitigated with the right daily and weekly activity. It is advised that your dog and cat participate in three or more 20-minute exercise or walking sessions per week to maintain their overall health and to help those live happier, healthier lives.

Your dog’s brain is stimulated by the sights and smells during walks. They receive even more enrichment and mental stimulation when they interact with other canines and people. It’s a wonderful method for your pets to meet their nearby furry neighbors by dispersing their fragrance everywhere! Your pet’s quality of life in Charleston will undoubtedly be improved by the stimulation of the brain with new sights, sounds, people, and other animals.

The conduct of a stressed dog will be better. They are less inclined to act out due to boredom, tension, or anxiety. You might notice reduced chewing, messes, barking, unfit pets, and the best one of all… LESS ANXIETY for both you and your pet!

Aren’t you pleased when your pets are pleased and even more pleased when they are pleased? By using Dog Tired for routine dog walking or even puppy care in the Maryland and Virginia, SC region, you can give them a little additional delight. We provide packages for walking dogs and other animals. Additionally, we offer puppy care specials!

Hire the help of Dog Tired to reclaim your time. Regular scheduled visits to your home will give you the peace of mind you need so that you may spend more time with your loved ones or run additional errands, as well as overall happiness and peace for a happier life for everyone. Your dog and cat will get the exercise and care they need, and you’ll have more time for you. Everyone benefits!

You may have peace of mind knowing that even when you’re not home, your dog or cat is happy and healthy by hiring a professional dog walker and pet sitter! There’s no need to leave work early if a meeting goes over schedule, and there’s no need to worry that you won’t have the energy or time to work out when you get home. A happy pet is an exercised pet.

In the areas of Maryland, Virginia, or Washington DC, doesn’t your dog or cat deserve the best care? With regularly planned dog or cat walks each week, you and your pets win! Happy life, happy dog, and happy cat.

It’s quick, simple, and convenient to hire a professional dog walker or pet sitter from MySquard. With expert, trained dog walkers and pet sitters, we provide high-quality services that are safe, secure, and professional.

We would appreciate the chance to assist you in enjoying the advantages of selecting a reputable pet sitting company along with your dogs.

A Professional Dog Walker Will Make Your Life Easier

Walking Improves Pet Health

Dogs (and other pets) require frequent exercise to preserve their health and length of life, just like humans do. According to a 2018 poll by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP), 55.8% of dogs and 59.5% of cats in the US were considered obese or overweight. Your dog should be in great health and have a significantly decreased risk of developing conditions like obesity and arthritis if you walk him at least three times each day for at least 20 minutes each time.

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Walking Is a Social and Stimulating Activity

Walks with a professional dog walker not only provide your dog with a wonderful form of exercise, but they also excite their senses. Your dog can experience a wide range of objects and people when out on a walk. Additionally, walks provide your dog the chance to socialize with people or other dogs. One study found that dogs who have had more opportunities for socialization are less likely to experience fear and anxiety in certain settings, such as vet visits.

Walking Helps Cats Behave Better

According to research, dogs who go for regular walks behave more subdued at home. Your dog will be less likely to engage in aggressive behavior like biting, excessive barking, or urinating or defecating indoors if you regularly walk him for the advised period of time. Even though you might be worried about your dog’s apparent exhaustion from walking, it is unquestionably preferable for him or her to be in this state as opposed to one of agitation or aggression.

Professional dog walkers offer security.

When you hire a dog walker, you may feel much more at ease knowing that your pet is being adequately cared for while you are away from home. You don’t have to worry about being forced to stay at work past your scheduled time or arriving home from a trip later than expected. While you’re gone, a professional dog walker can provide companionship for your pet and make sure he or she spends meaningful time outside.

Why Choose MySquard for Pet care

  • Before services start, a professional meet and greet with your pet sitter is provided.
  • Professional Pet Sitting Industry Tracking Software for instant messaging, sending messages, and more with your pet sitter!
  • The simplicity of updating your pet’s and your own information online in a backup system.
  • The ease of online credit card payments and tipping capabilities for pet sitters.
  • Trained staff members that are qualified in dog and cat emergency care as well as animal body language.
  • We are the largest dog walking and pet sitting team, so we never postpone visits!
  • All pet sitters must pass a background check and be licensed, bonded, and insured.

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