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On Demand Services Are a Game Changer for the Beauty Industry

On-demand services are changing the way the world works. Technology is becoming more popular and so are the various services that are growing a presence online. Even though many services are rendered in person, they are now accessible to book online or through apps. Let’s take a look at how on demand services are a game changer for the beauty industry.

What are on demand services?

On demand services are services that are requested and booked online but completed in person. In today’s world, there are several on demand services that take place online. It is extremely easy to access these services through the use of apps. Apps are extremely convenient.

With apps and websites, different customers can now request a service from the comfort of their home, office, or anywhere and have the service delivered to them. One of the most popular categories of these services includes beauty.

How are on demand services changing the beauty industry?

Technology is shifting the service industry. It is now very common to get any service delivered to you anywhere with just a few clicks on a mobile app or website. Just like Uber which exists to provide ride sharing on demand, there are online apps for beauty services. For example, gives you access to a variety of beauty services so you can look and feel your best.

The demand for beauty services like hairdressing, make up, spa, body massages, and more has increased. It may be frustrating to visit a salon and spend hours to have your hair done. However, while you may be kept waiting in a salon, several other professionals are ready to do your hair without stress and delay. On demand beauty services now exist today so you are not kept waiting.

On demand apps give you convenience, and you can access them from anywhere without spending that much. Apart from this, you do not have to spend extra of your leisure time in the salon. Book an appointment instantly and the hair stylist will travel to you so you don’t even have to waste time driving. That being said, now let’s see how on demand services have changed and helped the beauty industry shift in this age of technology.

On Demand Beauty Services

The Importance of on demand beauty services to customers

On demand services have brought improvements to people’s lives. Their importance in our day-to-day activities cannot be overemphasized. With on demand service apps, we now get a lot of activities done without stress.

Here are the top benefits of on demand beauty services to customers:

  • Convenience

On demand services are favored by customers because they can access them from anywhere and anytime. You can book services back-to-back to have a complete makeover. Schedule a haircut when you get home from work or get your makeup done while traveling for a big event.

  • Safe, cashless payments

With on demand services, payments are easily made online safely. You can pay online with fast and safe payments, book an appointment, and get the service rendered to you without paying any cash. You’ll have access to all receipts and invoices.

  • Accessibility to services

Unlike the traditional ways of going to beauty salons to wait before you get your hair, nails, or makeup done, with just a few clicks, you can order a professional to come to your doorstep. So with this, you have the freedom to better plan and manage your time.

  • Cost-effectiveness

With the use of mobile apps and websites, you can get the best from a variety of professionals even within your budget. With apps like MySquard, you know all prices upfront when you book. Getting these services rendered to you doesn’t have to be expensive. Easily choose a professional within your budget and upgrade your look for the right price.

The importance of on demand services to beauty professionals

As much as on demand services are essential to customers, they are also very important to beauticians and beauty professionals. Apps have changed the way this profession renders services.

Here are some of the top benefits of on demand beauty service apps to professionals:

  • Employment opportunities

On demand services like beauty services require professionals to be well-trained and licensed. Instead of buying a building or renting a chair, on demand services give them a platform and the freedom to move around and be instantly employed.

  • Increased income

With on demand services, it has become easy for beauty professionals to earn more money. With the app MySquard, professionals can set their own prices for services and do not have to pay commissions. There is also currently no sign up or monthly fee. Whether stylists take 5 orders or 50 a week, it is up to them to control how much money they earn.

  • Increased visibility

Being in an online space is important to increase visibility. More visibility equates to more customers and that in turn will increase income. With mobile beauty apps and websites, professionals can join platforms where people can easily browse services, pricing, and make a request.

  • Freelance opportunities

When using on demand beauty service apps such as MySquard, beauty professionals have flexibility on the days they are available to work. Freelancing gives stylists the opportunity to decide what days and times they can work and when customers can book services. This provides more independence and flexibility.


On demand services are a game changer to make life more comfortable and convenient, even when you’re on the go. It is now easy for everyone to get a new look with just a few clicks. Having your hair done, getting your makeup fixed, and relaxing with a body massage doesn’t have to take extra time. With on demand services, you have access to all of these services.



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