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Why You Will Want to Order Professional Makeup Services at Home for Your Next Event

Do you prefer a natural look? Dewy, glowing and effortless? Or do you need a bit of drama? Sometimes we all need a little extra glam, a red lip, a smokey eye, a set of lashes, a little shimmer- or a lot! The beauty of makeup is that you can easily change your mood and entire look. Use it to emphasize your favorite features and give yourself a boost of confidence.

We have good news: event makeup is not just for weddings anymore. Even if you’re having a night out with the girls, you can hire someone to come give you a new look for the evening. Day or night, for special events, beauty events, parties, outings, galas, celebrations, graduations, photoshoots, headshots, television appearances- you name it- you can easily get your makeup done professionally.

No need to search for event makeup at salons near you. Wherever you are, you can book a mobile makeup salon. The answer is on demand mobile makeup services. You don’t need to be a celebrity to have a makeup artist come to your home, but girl, you can look and feel like one.

  • The Beautiful Benefits:-

Do you find yourself putting on the same makeup everyday and want to mix it up a little bit? Need some new ideas? Struggle with false lashes? Whatever your concern or preference is, let the professionals handle it. This is what they do for a living, and they have a passion for making you look and feel beautiful. They can give you new ideas and boost your natural beauty.

Do you watch Youtube videos and not know the right products to buy to recreate a look? It can be confusing to go online and try to figure out the actual shade of products, or to go to a cosmetic store and buy a new product without knowing if it will work or not.

Plus, how many makeup products do you have at home that you purchased and do not use? How much money do you think you’ve spent on these? An on demand makeup artist can pick out and recommend that perfect shade of blush and eyeshadow to match your hair, skin, and the look that you want. You won’t be buying and wasting as many products. It is worth it. You may even get some insider makeup tricks in the process.

If contour and highlighter confuse you, you’re not alone. And if you’re unsure what are the best colors to use for your skin tone and complexion, they do. Leave it to the experts. A makeup artist near you will know how to shade all the right places on your face to enhance your natural face structure and features to give you confidence you deserve.

Do you have an airbrush makeup system? No problem. Leave it to the pros to be able to find your right shade of foundation and invest in high quality products to make your skin look flawless. Flaw-less.

Whatever the occasion, now is the best time to try an on demand mobile makeup artist at your home, and you have nothing to lose. Now, if you are a soon-to-be-bride or bridesmaid or someone important to someone’s big day, you can also get wedding hair and makeup done. Wherever you are getting ready, the makeup artists will travel to you.

Why hire a mobile makeup artist to give you a makeover at your home? Because it’s fun and easy. And why not? If you’re looking for beauty events or makeup events near you, why not bring them to you.

Mobile makeup professionals follow all of the highest hygiene standards, and if you have sensitive skin, they may also have clean, toxic-free, eco-friendly and hypoallergenic beauty products. Just ask.

  • How does it work?

While you wait, why not prepare your face for your on demand makeup application appointment. We all know that the secret to good makeup is good skincare. Prep your skin before putting any makeup on.

To order services through platforms such as MySquard, simply download the app and browse for the service you need. Once you find an event makeup artist near you, select the service you are looking for, book an appointment, and pay all at the same time and automatically. On demand is so easy and convenient. Before your appointment, you will see when the service provider is travelling to you so that you can be ready.

This begins with cleaning your skin with a gentle pH-balanced cleanser to remove any extra dirt, oil, grease, or makeup. Make your skin glow a little extra by using a mild exfoliator scrub, but easy does it. Apply a hydrating moisturizer, serum, and don’t forget the sunscreen!

No matter if you think you’re high-maintenance, low-maintenance, a glamour girl or not,

go ahead, book an appointment now for on demand mobile hair makeup services for your next big event. Try it once and you’ll be hooked. You’ll be walking out of the house glowing and feeling gorgeous. 


Event makeup is not just reserved for weddings anymore. By using on demand mobile makeup services, anyone can have access to it and enjoy the beautiful benefits including saving time, new ideas, and extra glamour. It is now easier than ever to order, book and pay for makeup services near you directly through apps such as MySquard.

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