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Try These Clever Cleaning Hacks to Save Time This Weekend


When living a busy life, it’s often difficult to find time to enjoy doing things while worrying about making sure your house is clean. These tips and tricks will help make your home even cleaner in half the usual amount of time. Since they will take less time, you’re able to spend time doing activities you enjoy!

The best way to keep a clean home and not worry about spending your precious time cleaning is to focus on small, but efficient daily tasks. These tasks can be done in every room and save you time by not having to fully clean the same area every day.

The Bedroom

  • Make the bed

When you get out of bed in the morning, make sure to make it neatly, this will make your day more productive and when you see a neat bed you are less interested in going back to bed.

  • Put laundry away immediately

After doing laundry, it’s important to put it away right away. This will save you time and make the room feel instantly cleaner.

  • Straighten nightstands or desks often

These areas are used every day or night to hold cups, devices, books, and more. Before and after bed tidy up these areas daily to limit the amount of time cleaning them. Keep wipes or cloth nearby to wipe the surfaces down.

The Kitchen

  • Microwave cleaning

Instead of taking the time and effort to scrub the microwave with cleaners, add the juice of two squeezed lemons with a bowl of water and microwave for a minute. Let the steam clean for you. It will clean and leave behind a fresh smell.

  • Make a cleaning kit

When cleaning, we often have to stop to grab other products or supplies. Making a kit or cart full of your favorite supplies and materials will save you time by being prepared and having everything in arms reach.

  • Use coffee filters on glass

Mirrors and glass often get overlooked, and most cleaners often leave behind water spots and stains. Using coffee filters or microfiber towels will leave the glass spotless and streak-free, minimizing the amount of time spent cleaning the mess afterward.

  • Dryer sheets on stuck food

Food that gets stuck on pans or pots can be tricky to clean and takes time to scrub away, letting a dryer sheet soak with dish soap will dissolve the food and make a simple task of wiping it away.

  • Use newspaper For dusty areas

In most homes, the tops of refrigerators and freezers often collect dust. To make cleaning easier, lay out old newspaper to collect the grime and dust and swap it out weekly to save yourself time scrubbing the top.

The Living Room

  • Hacks For Blinds or Shutters

Cut a microfiber cloth in half and using kitchen tongs, swipe them to dust those hard-to-clean areas such as blinds, ceiling fan blades, and air vents.

  • Baseboards

When doing the normal vacuum routine, pay closer attention to the baseboards. They often have a thick layer of dust. Swipe the vacuum around them each time so you don’t have to scrub the grime off them down the road.

  • Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are one of the most walked-on surfaces in a home. It’s important to keep them clean and fresh. Luckily, there are many options on the market and some diy options. For example shaving cream can remove carpet stains, and baking soda can freshen and take away odors.

The Bathroom

  • Let the showerhead soak overnight

Showerheads are often one of the most difficult things to clean. They are awkward and take a lot of time to fully clean. Getting a bag and filling it with white vinegar and tying it on the shower head overnight will take less of your time. In the morning, you’ll have a sparkling clean showerhead.

  • Baking soda

This is a natural cleaning agent. It can be used to clean, deodorize, and freshen surfaces. Use it in the bathroom sink or bathtub to leave behind a sparkly area with no harsh chemicals or smells.

  • Clean as you go

This will not only cut down your bathroom cleaning time, but it will also keep you organized and clean. Having organized cleaning products is the best way to start. This way they are easy to reach and use. You can use it for messes as soon as they happen.

Other Tips

  • Hire professional help

If you really want to save the most time and enjoy activities a great option is to hire professional house cleaners through on demand apps such as MySquard. They can take the weight off your shoulders and come prepared with everything to clean. This gives you more free time to enjoy other activities.

clever cleaning hacks
  • Reuse and recycle

One of the most common things cooked in a home is coffee and pasta. If you have plants or a garden, reusing the coffee grinds and the pasta water will give plants and garden the nutrients they need. This limits the waste and benefits your plants and the environment.

  • Create your own products

Since there are various cleaning products on the market, often creating your own can save you money and time while getting your home clean. They may also be more eco-friendly.

  • Get motivated 

Sometimes the hardest part of cleaning is knowing where to start. You can get overwhelmed very quickly. Making a plan or a list to stick to is the best option. Some people get bored, and a great idea is to make it interesting and entertaining. Put on a podcast or music to get you motivated and moving, or watch cleaning videos.

These are just small tasks that can make great changes in the cleanliness of any home or room. When cleaning, it takes a plan and consistency catered to the needs of your home and what fits into your schedule. Applying these tips to your routine can benefit you in many ways.



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